Thursday 31 August 2017

How Virtual Counselor Is Useful for Parents

In the struggle to meet daily expenses, dealing with pack routines, and insufficient time for  interaction, it has become difficult for parents to keep a tab on how their child is progressing in school. In addition to time constraints, sometimes it can also be financially challenging to find the right mentor for your kid.
If your child is attending a boarding school, or you are facing problems in matching time to ensure proper discussions with kids, is there a way to stay updated about your child's academic performance? What can be done in such cases? The amazing innovations of technology have made it possible to access any help at the tip of your fingers just by clicking the right buttons on your computer screen. You can always take help of virtual counselors to get the right guidance for your kids and be assured of their overall development.

A virtual counselor acts as a distant mentor and gives the parents access to information like grades, attendance, academic records, and overall progress. It gives parents a better chance to see how the child is faring at school. These services are available right from the kindergarten level to grade 12 and give the parents a better idea about their child's school life. Following points demonstrate how virtual counseling is helping parents.

Connect easily 

With impressive revolution in the telecommunication industry and availability of different  applications like Skype, FaceTime, and video calling features in various chat messengers, it provides parents with on demand services.

They help to convey emotions through facial expressions and body language, which are absent in telephonic conversations. It gives them an opportunity to connect from any part of the world at any time and get in touch with mentors to solve child-related problems.

Provides a safe approach

It gives the parents to get in touch with the virtual counselors from any place and helps to maintain privacy to the issues a child might be facing. You can speak to the mentor from the comfort of your home, a hotel room or any other place, provided you have a stable Internet connection. You can talk with the counselor without taking the effort to travel to his/her office, thus saving time and cost.

 An individual must schedule a prior appointment and fix the day when you want to have a discussion.

Helps in student growth

The ultimate aim of virtual counseling is to help the student have good performance at school and make him/her realize career goals. It helps the parents to select strategies that will ensure academic growth and also have a social-personal development.

By consulting the counselors, parents can understand what problems their child is facing at school and take appropriate steps to motivate him/her to overcome the obstacles. The mentor helps the parents understand how their kid is progressing at school and thus keep them actively involved in their education. This can help a parent to set realistic goals for his/her child.

Serves as a liaison 

A virtual counselor can form the link between the parents/guardian and school. He/she can help identify children with special needs or students who face learning problems and provide support to turn them into able individuals of the society. A mentor can inform the parents of such students about the various services available at the school and reduce their anxiety levels.

The parents can get to know about the school staff who are actively involved in education of special children, the resources available and also learn about the progress by having maximum virtual interaction with the counselor. These mentors also assist in finding parents with similar children and motivate them to be a part of a community or group to get the extra support.

Virtual counselors ensure communication between school and parents and provide suggestions about what could be done for academic improvement of a child. They ensure that the students develop a learning attitude and help the parents connect better with help of live video chats.

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